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    Daycraft 2017 planners are now in stock!


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    Need a hand? These articulated wooden models are a handy reference tool for artists, and they look pretty handsome too. 


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    We love these woodless colored pencils from Koh-I-Noor USA. Sets of 12 and 24 are now in stock, as well as individual colors.


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    One of our favorite customers Thomas Curran gave us this print so we put it in a sweet little frame! Pictured here with our absolute favorite mechanical pencil, the Draftmatic.


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    We’re feeling the love! Happy Valentine’s from us at Sketch!


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    We really love pencils.


  • Ever wonder how ink is made? Check out this super cool video.


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    While the average person might think that a pencil is just a pencil, drawing and sketching pencils are much more finely tuned than their school-grade equivalents, says Amy M Lavine, the owner of SKETCH Art Supplies in Hudson, New York.


  • EU Decides Not to Ban Cadmium Pigments in Artist Paints | Just Paint

    Some good news for fans of traditional pigments!


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    These new pigment markers look pretty amazing! We’re excited to have sets in stock of rich and vibrant tones. More info here.


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    We just got a batch of awesome totes and t-shirts designed by Laetitia Hussain. Screenprinted right here in Hudson, they’re all a little charming and really cool.


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    Attention art appreciators! We’re taking holiday framing orders until December 15. Place your order in person at the shop or call us at 518-828-9573 to make an appointment ahead of time.


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    We have Tots the Clown here tonight for Winter Walk, stop by and see her amazing balloon animal magic!


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    We made a coloring book! It features botanical mandalas designed by the very talented Emily Brooks, and it was printed locally through Publication Studio Hudson. Send us a line for more info, sketchhudson@gmail.com or 518-828-9573.


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    JUST ARRIVED: 2016 Calendars featuring the work of Hudson artists Kenneth Young and Daniel Region. These are both available in limited quantities, so don’t wait until 2016 to pick yours up!


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    Different types of pens produce lines with different characteristics and different uses, but pens can be broadly separated into a few different categories, including dip pens, fountain pens, felt tips, ball points, rollerballs, and gel pens. SKETCH even carries an inkless pen now, which uses a special metal alloy that leaves a fine trace of the material when written with to produce a mark.

    Different types of artists’ pens can have very different qualities. The pressure applied while writing with a fountain or dip pen, for example, can be varied as a person is using it to create a line with fluctuating widths, whereas a felt tip or gel pen will have a more even and consistent line. The shape of a pen’s tip or “nib” will also affect the shape of the line it produces, which is why chisel points or brush tips are used for calligraphy while fine points are used for technical drawing.


  • The Zen of Adult Coloring Books


  • Cadmium Pigment Ban Is Over - artnet News


  • Ghostly Gallop goes to school

    We are so happy to be sponsoring ten young women from Perfect Ten After School who are participating in the Hudson Area Library’s Ghostly Gallop on October 25th. Check out the Register Star article for details about the 5K run!


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  • True Blue


  • Research Reveals Artists' Brains May Be Structured Differently


  • Famous People's Doodles Exposed


  • Palettes of Art Legends Revealed - artnet News


  • Picking Up Art Later in Life Could Help the Brain



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